Vinyl Grading
Abbreviation Description
SS Still sealed.
M- Nearly new. Clean sound.
VG++ Light minor flaws. Plays well.
VG+ Used but not abused. Some wear is evident. Possibly some tics in soft passages. Loud passages sound fine.
VG Well worn but playable. No skips.
Cover Grading
Abbreviation Description
SS Still sealed.
M- Close to new. Often still has original shrink wrap.
VG++ Minor flaws, possibly light creasing or moderate ring wear.
VG+ Cover creases or ring wear, but intact.
VG Starting to look ugly, but not falling apart.
Abbreviation Description
#oc number written on cover
#ol number written on label
10" 10" size record and cover (usually pre-1956, sometimes used later for special pressings)
2lp double lp
audio. Audiophile pressing
auto. autographed
co Cut out hole or notch in corner, or small diagonal cut corner
dj promo or demo label
djs promo sticker or stamp
djts promo timing strip
gatefold fold open cover
mono monophonic pressing
orig. original pressing (we only use this designation when reissues are widely sold)
plain cover cover is plain, with no information (sometimes used for advance promo copies)
Quad Quadraphonic pressing
Quiex special W.B. 1980's audiophile pressing
ri reissue (usually a later pressing on the same label)
shrink original plastic wrap still on cover (many of our M- lps are in shrink but not always noted in the listing)
soc sticker on cover
sol sticker on label
toc tape on cover
tol tape on label
tps taped seam
UK, Japan, France, etc. foreign pressing
w/bio with paper biography of band
w/book with small booklet inserted in lp jacket
w/cue with cue sheet listing tracks and times
w/insert or w/pi with paper insert or promo item
w/photo with photo of band
wobc writing on back cover only
woc writing on cover
wol writing on label
xoc x on cover
xol x on label